Repair Over Replace. Promote Sustainability


Sustainability to me means giving consumers the opportunity to extend the lifespan of their well-loved outdoor items. 

After all, how many gazebos do you want to purchase in your life? How many umbrellas or sunshades or camping gear? 

Not all companies offer full product guarantees – or very tricky – they only offer their guarantee to the fabric, not to the stitching or the construction. 

One of my clients were in discussions for over a year with a gazebo company, trying to fix a production error that rendered their custom gazbeo top unusable. They offered to fix it for a large sum and it would take several months. 

Simply put, many outdoor manufacturers do not build an item made to last out in the Arizona sun. They do not choose the proper thread that will last with the necessary UV protection. Their products are destined to fail over time. 

Degradation is a constant issue with thread and fabric. Using the proper UV thread or adding extra reinforcements, can save good fabric and a well loved product from being simply thrown out and added to the landfills. 

Fixing durable items and giving them a second life is part of the sustainability paradigm. If we can give another 5-20 years of productive use to an item, we can be more mindful with our purchasing power and waste footprint and not add to the bigger problem of waste. 


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